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13.3″ WXGAHD Dell Alienware 13 / Latitude 3340 LCD Screen Display – 90N37

Part Number 90N37
Condition New
Item Weight 1.5 lb(s).

12.5″ WXGAHD Dell Latitude E7240 / E7420 / E5250 LCD Widescreen – 31R70

Part Number 31R70
Condition New
Item Weight 1.5 lb(s)

14″ WXGAHD Alienware 14 R1 / Latitude E7440 LED LCD Widescreen – XG69V

Part Number XG69V
Condition New
Item Weight 1.6 lb(s)

14″ Dell Latitude E5440 TouchScreen HD+ LCD Display Complete Assembly – FD1Y6

Part Number FD1Y6
Condition Brand New
Item Weight 2.95 lb(s)

14″ Dell Alienware 14 R1 / Latitude E7440 WXGAHD LCD Widescreen – CGRY3

Part Number CGRY3
Condition Refurbished
Item Weight 1.5 lb(s)

10.1″ Dell Latitude 2100 TouchScreen LCD WSVGA Display – J122P

Part Number J122P
Condition New
Item Weight 0.65 lb(s)

14″ WXGAHD Dell Latitude 3470 LCD Screen Display Complete Assembly – 3470LCD

Part Number 3470LCD
Condition Refurbished
Item Weight 1.85 lb(s)

14″ WXGAHD Dell Latitude E5450 E7450 / Vostro 14 3458 LED LCD Widescreen – DP36C

Part Number DP36C
Condition New
Item Weight 1.55 lb(s)
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15.6″ Dell Latitude 3570 WXGAHD LCD LED Widescreen – K96D2

Part Number K96D2
Condition Refurbished
Item Weight 1.7 lb(s)

14″ Dell Latitude XFR E6420 WXGAHD Rugged LCD Screen Display – WCW1G

Part Number WCW1G Condition New Item Weight 3.5 lb(s)

12.5″ Dell Latitude E7240 TouchScreen FHD LCD Display – 382VW

Part Number 382VW
Condition Refurbished
Item Weight 2.15 lb(s)

12.5″ Assembly with Bezel Dell Latitude E7270 TouchScreen FHD LCD Display – XDT86

Part Number XDT86
Condition Refurbished
Item Weight 2.15 lb(s)

11.6″ Dell Latitude 11 3150 / 3160 Touchccreen LCD Display – 3160TS

Part Number 3160TS
Condition New
Item Weight 2.1 lb(s)

15.4″ Dell Latitude E5500 E6500 / Precision M4400 WXGA+ LCD Widescreen – NY850

Part Number NY850
Condition New
Item Weight 1.75 lb(s)