How to maintain dell laptop screen?
Life notebook has been very common, many young friends have paid attention to the maintenance of notebooks maintenance, but some friends because of the lack of professional maintenance knowledge, maintenance of this notebook is not how familiar with this, in order to higher maintenance notebook, We introduce the notebook screen maintenance knowledge, which is one of the core of notebook maintenance.
Notebook screen is the user must first face the Internet, it is the most important laptop output device, but also the most weak side of the notebook, looks more fragile, so notebook screen protection and maintenance for notebook enthusiasts is the biggest focus , Then the notebook screen maintenance should pay attention to what?
⒈) for the notebook LCD screen to add screen protection film
Notebook screen protection film Many friends are in use, the biggest advantage is to prevent dust into the screen inside, in addition to a waterproof, anti-scratch, etc., and better quality screen protection film can also protect our eyes less Radiation damage, so the maintenance of the notebook, the screen protection film maintenance is very important, but need to remind you that the current notebook screen protection film numerous, poor quality of the uneven, I suggest that you try to buy brand and reputation better screen protection film product.inspiron lcd led screens
⒉) Notebook screen to open and close the action to be gentle
Notebook screen is relatively thin design, itself is not strong, it should avoid the collision screen, another face to face, the screen and the notebook site between a large number of data lines like the connection, so open and close should be gentle, so force balance, Can effectively protect the internal data lines are not easily damaged.
⒊) Notebook screen can not place relatively heavy items
Many users think that the notebook closed, the whole looks very strong, like some of the heavier things pressed on the notebook did not, in fact, these are not allowed, it is easy to lead to damage to the notebook screen, resulting in the need to replace the screen.precision lcd led screens
Notebook due to excessive external force caused by the display is not normal failure
Notebook manufacturers for cost and weight considerations, often on the notebook cover to use the more thin materials, these materials are often unable to resist high-strength collision, and to withstand greater pressure, once the external pressure is too large will lead to damage to the LCD screen, There is water ripples, fuzzy and other non-repairable situation; and this time, we often can only reluctantly change the screen. Therefore, in the usual with the beloved books go out, be sure to pay attention not to pressure on the notebook above, and in the process of moving carefully and can not be heavy pressure on the notebook above.
⒋) other aspects
Notebook screen maintenance should pay attention to the main, the notebook can not be used in high temperature environment, especially many friends with the notebook portability, like the long-term use of the sun outside the notebook, this result easily lead to the computer internal temperature is too high , Affect the life of the notebook; the other use of the environment should pay attention to dry, can not or with the wet, no device easily lead to internal short circuit, resulting in laptop damage.alienware lcd led screens
Notebook screen maintenance and protection also need to pay attention to a lot, such as the best not to touch and draw the screen by hand, one is easy to scratch the display, the other static also easy to damage the screen pixels. But the above is the most basic should grasp the notebook maintenance knowledge, hope that the novice friends of notebook lovers have a reference.

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