Dell’s daily use and maintenance of the laptop keyboard
Because the keyboard is one of the most frequently used parts of our use, although many manufacturers have taken into account its durability, especially in the structure made a full optimization, but the water droplets to wear stone, a long time to come. Or is a key is not used, or is the letter did not latitude parts
Users in the use of the time should pay attention to the following points: The first is not the keyboard temper. We see the keyboard is the biggest killer of your own, many computer users in the crash after the loss of their work because of their own, can not help but hit the keyboard a few breaths. We remind you that this will be on the keyboard keys to play a role in supporting the damage caused by soft, a long time there will be a button to play the problem is not up to play. The second point is to try not to eat above the laptop, smoking or drinking water, keep the keyboard clean. Especially too much liquid into the keyboard, it is possible to make the circuit short circuit, resulting in hardware loss. We want users to be able to develop a good habit, when eating or drinking away from the laptop, which will minimize the probability of the problem, to protect the purpose of the laptop. Secondly, we recommend that you can buy a laptop keyboard dedicated soft pad, this soft plastic above a lot of uneven keys, just to cover the laptop’s keyboard, both waterproof, dustproof, but also Anti-wear, and the price is not expensive, the general computer market can buy. In addition, it is also necessary to periodically clean the dust in the gap between the cleaning inspiron parts
For those who have been the keyboard or has been inflexible users, we teach you a move. First of all, every keypad of the laptop can be opened. For the standard size of the button, you use a nail from top to bottom hard to pull a pull can be opened, and then will see a rubber pad, the button can not play it just a relationship. For those who can not play the button, you can press the rubber pad by hand, if you can not play up, then you can use other less commonly used button rubber pad instead, or go to the notebook second-hand market to buy a , The price is very cheap, at least you get much cheaper than the repair station. For the user of the keyboard water, you need to put all the buttons into the water to open, and then carefully check, if the liquid does not leak into the computer inside, then for distilled water or tap water, etc. , For beverages, such as Coca-Cola, etc., these drinks will dry after the evaporation of sticky sugar, then you need to use low concentrations of alcohol to wipe. Wipe the time to pay attention to every corner, especially the rubber pad parts.
Pointing equipment maintenance
Since most laptops come with a touchpad or mouse lever instead of a mouse, and many users are already accustomed to using these two methods to control the cursor on the screen, so as a regular use of the laptop parts, we It is necessary to tell you about the two kinds of input equipment, routine maintenance skills. First talk about the maintenance of the touchpad. In fact, very simple, the general touchpad are divided into multiple layers, the first layer is a transparent protective layer, the second layer for the touch layer. Here users need to pay attention to the first layer, this layer of protective layer is to enhance the main function of the touch plate wear resistance. Since the surface of the touchpad is often pressed and rubbed by the fingers, the effect of this layer of protective layer is critical. Do not care to let the hard thing to cut this layer of protective film, this film as long as the break a little, the rest of the part will soon fall off, when the entire protective film fell out, the touchpad wear resistance Very fragile, it is easy due to prolonged friction caused its failure. Of course, keeping the touchpad clean is also precision parts
Here is a talk about the mouse rod (also known as the pointing stick), the mouse rod was originally invented by IBM, and its main advantage is to save the assembly space, the user must pay attention to the use of mouse rods toggle, I have seen a lot The mouse rod is misplaced by the laptop. In addition, the general mouse rod above a rubber sleeve, the rubber sleeve if the user is often very hard to use a long time will degenerate, fall off, so usually have a lot of attention to protection. Dirty is also the main problem here, you can use a toothbrush to dip a little toothpaste for proper cleaning.

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