Dell laptop battery maintenance instructions
One: the notebook computer to buy back does not need to repeatedly charge and discharge three times
Unless the purchase of the computer is more than a year of inventory products, or do not need to do so, because the battery when the battery has been started in the factory, and batteries in the packaging of the battery when the battery once again Start the test, so you get the hand of the battery, has long been started, and then do three charge and discharge process is just unnecessary increase in battery wear and tear.latitude batteries
Two: the first charge does not charge enough for 12 hours
This is true for those nickel battery models that do not have battery control circuitry, but are not needed for laptop batteries that now have intelligent charge and discharge control circuits. When the computer battery is full, the charge current will be Automatically cut off, even if it continues to charge 120 hours, the state will not have any changes, in general, even the slowest machine, 6 hours is also full, and the remaining “charge” is just a waste of their time. But to get the new machine when the power should first put the light recharging.
Three: the battery needs regular correction
For the memory effect of a strong nickel-metal hydride batteries, which is a must work, but for lithium batteries, this cycle does not need to be too frequent, although the lithium battery does not completely eliminate the memory effect, but has greatly weakened the memory effect, if you use the battery Very frequent, then you should discharge the battery to a relatively low (about 10 ~ 15%) recharging, but if the discharge to even the machine can not open (0 ~ 1%), it belongs to the lithium battery has a greater damage to the depth Discharge, in general, every 2 months to do such a operation on it. If you rarely use the battery, then as long as every 3 months to conduct such a operation on it.inspiron batteries
Four: for battery calibration
The so-called correction is when the actual capacity of the battery and the control circuit in the record capacity is not the same, the battery for a depth charge and discharge operation, so that the control circuit to refresh the record, so close to the actual situation of the battery, which is a performance of the battery real capacity The key capacity of the battery is the actual capacity, if the actual capacity of the battery than the control circuit in the record capacity is higher, the correction can make the battery looks increased capacity, if the actual capacity of the battery than the control circuit Record the capacity to be low, then the calibration will make the battery looks reduced capacity, please remember that the calibration is to make the real capacity of the battery presented to eliminate the deviation between the battery and the control circuit, as to show the capacity will increase or decrease, This is the state of the battery itself rather than your correction. It is possible for the battery because of the depth of the discharge when the damage damage, but greatly reduced the capacity.

Many manufacturers have provided procedures for battery calibration, Windows version and BIOS version, it is best to use these procedures to correct.

Five: use the correct charger

The power consumption of the notebook computer is much larger than that of the mobile phone. The power supply needs to charge the battery at the same time and cope with the power supply required by the machine at full speed. The voltage, current and even interface of each model are different. Even if the interface is the same, if the voltage and current are lower than the machine Of the nominal value of the machine at full speed when the battery may not be able to get enough charging current, which is a great damage to the battery. If the voltage and current are less than the nominal value too much, or even found that simply can not boot or can boot but can not charge, please note that the voltage and current must meet the nominal value of the machine, with the same product interface is generally the same, but the voltage And the current may be different, this must pay attention!precision batteries
Sixth: the battery does not use the long-term preservation method
Whether it is full or light, in fact, are not correct, put the long-term preservation of photovoltaic power will make the loss of activity, and even lead to control circuit protection self-locking and can no longer use, full of long-term preservation will bring security risks, the best The method of storage is to discharge to about 40% and then save, lithium batteries are afraid of moisture and high temperature, so should be placed in a cool dry place to save, but the temperature can not be too low, otherwise the capacity will be greatly reduced, about 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal preservation temperature The
Seven: the battery can not change their batteries
A lot of people’s battery is such a fatal, manufacturers seem to have expected some people will do so, many brands of notebook battery design are self-locking function, once the battery from the control circuit, the circuit into the self-locking state, Only the use of specific means to unlock, before the control circuit will not work, that is, the battery is equivalent to scrapped, laptop battery batteries can not be replaced
Eight: charging can not charge to 100% of the treatment
Laptop battery explosion opportunities almost no, most of the heat caused by the shell to melt, but rarely cause the fire, was released a small number of accidents, in fact, due to poor production process, resulting in short circuit caused by the use, even if this Most of the short circuits are also shut down by the protection circuit in the battery without any damage, unless the battery is short before the protection circuit (the laptop battery explosion should be caused). But the phone is a lot of things like this, in the final analysis, or the quality of the battery, the phone has a lot of poor assembly battery, and the laptop rarely have such an  alienware batteries.
The reason why 99% after charging less than 100%, often because the battery control circuit records and the battery itself, the state of the deviation, the battery has not reached the control circuit in the record of the voltage, so the control circuit has been charged charging, in fact, the battery Has been filled, this problem can usually be resolved through the correction, but even if there is no relationship to correct, because most of the charging circuit will be able to automatically after a long time to disconnect, and even smart automatic record of the current 99% refresh to 100 %, Even if it has been non-stop fool-style design, but also because the current current is minimal and will not cause harm.
The current notebook computer battery basically have a temperature detection circuit, when the battery temperature is too high, most of the control circuit will be forced to disconnect the battery to prevent further increase in temperature, so charge to the explosion of such a situation in the computer battery occurs The probability is very low.

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